Friday, August 19, 2016

MelodySusie Hair Wigs - Taking Pokémon Go To The Next Level!

Since Pokémon Go’s launch in July, it has completely taken over our daily lives: people walking around the park, holding on their cell phone with one finger flipping up on the screen for hours; receiving phone calls from friends living far away asking if they can visit your place to find what Pokémons are around; friends that rarely exercise suddenly start to walk for long distance, in order to hatch their Pokémon Eggs…… And there are players taking Pokémon Go to the next level by BECOMING THEM, such as: 
@KirstenKaye_ / Via Twitter: @KirstenKaye_

@PieMags  /Via Twitter: @PieMags 

Want to compare yourself to a Pokémon? You can actually wear a hair wig! Come check out MelodySusie Hair Wigs, with more than 20 styles and colors available. It is made of high quality Matt Fiber imported from Korea and very easy to put on! Below are some comparisons between MelodySusie’s wig users and Pokémon. See how they look alike with MelodySusie Hair Wigs



 @mmmmands/Via Instagram: @mmmmands

@percarax/ Via Instagram: @percarax

More colors and styles are available to choose at Come find your wig and become your Twinsie Pokémon!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

MelodySusie 8th Year Anniversary Sale – Thank You For Being With Us

2016 is a special year for MelodySusie because it is our 8th year anniversary! MelodySusie is having a big anniversary sale to celebrate and to show appreciation for those who have always been with us all these years. Without your continuous support, MelodySusie will have never gone this far. We also welcome new friends to try our best sellers and newly launched products this year, including our 1-Step Soak off Gel Collections (Sweet Reverie Gel and Lux Classics Gel), Pro48W UV/LED Nail Lamp, Multifunctional Toiletry Bag, Large Capacity Makeup Organizer, and the Brush Egg, and so much more!

The start
Back in 2009, MelodySusie was founded by two young and passionate nail art professionals living in San Francisco, California. After seeing many working women struggled with balancing work, family and personal interests, such as getting their nails done at salon, Melody and Susie started to have a vision bigger than themselves – to help women achieve work-life balance. So the two ladies founded MelodySusie, a beauty brand that is dedicated in designing and developing salon-quality beauty products that are affordable and easy to use at home.
What’s now
After 8 years of hard work, the company has now grown into a professional beauty product design company with multiple product lines, such as nail care products, fashion wigs, skin care products, and so on. MelodySusie is now the leading nail lamp brand in the US, occupying more than half of the top 10 nail lamps on Amazon and appointed as the “Must Have” nail product by salon users and artists around the globe. Our products have earned a high reputation for salon-qualityhigh efficiency, affordable price, and ease of use, just what the company was aimed to do.

Today, MelodySusie continue to create more professional and reliable home-beauty products for users and will continue to strive to its mission: helping women to pursue beauty and personal growth, and balance in life.

8th Year Anniversary Sale
To celebrate our 8th birthday and to show appreciation to our supporters, we are having a anniversary sale with big discounts on all of our products throughout the month of August. So do not miss it and check out what we have for you and we welcome you to try our best sellers and newly launched products of the year!

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Friday, August 5, 2016

MelodySusie meets Paul Mitchell the School San Jose!

MelodySusie is in San Jose! We are happy to have a chance to visit one of the most prestigious beauty school, Paul Mitchell the School and meet the admission team member, Victoria Charon.

Picture from:

A little bit about Paul Mitchell
Paul Mitchell was founded in 1980 by Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria, with education being a big part of the business. Its schools are in more than 100 locations, teaching a wide range of professional courses including Cosmetology, Barbering, Skin Academy, Nail Academy, Teacher Training, with Career Planning Tools to help students achieve their goals. In 2016, Paul Mitchell the School was ranked the Top 4 Beauty College in the US by the It is well known for its standard for excellence, upon graduating from their programs, employers will know that you have been provided with a high quality educational experience.

A little bit about Victoria Charon
MelodySusie team met the admission board member Victoria Charon, a young, tall, confident, and super fashionable woman who believes the true happiness is about being positive and loving yourself through the good and the bad. Victoria introduced to MelodySusie team the school programs, the students’ enrollment and what the students do after graduating from the school. During the conversation with Victoria, MelodySusie team was completely attracted by the confidence and the women empowerment spirits of Victoria. She makes us believe that Paul Mitchel not only teach beauty and fashion skills and styles, but infuse the encouragement of pursuing beauty and self-confidence that is within oneself to the students.

Picture from:

The fashion sparkles!
MelodySusie is honored to have the opportunity to present Victoria its 2016 newly launched new products including the MelodySusie Pro48W UV/LED Nail Lamp, the 1-Step Sweet Reverie Gel, and the automatic nail drill – a complete tool set that allows everyone to enjoy manicure at home. The uniqueness is that the gel are made to work perfectly with the nail lamp for the best and quickest manicure results (5 seconds curing with LED, the fastest of all). Victoria was very interested in the products, especially the automatic nail drill (we can see the sparkles in her eyes when she saw the drill LOL). She expressed that the students will take initiatives in what they want to learn in the class and believe the product will be of great use to the school and the students for their professional nail class learning. Also she expressed that the MelodySusie’s hair wigs,makeup organizer, and the brush egg would be very useful to the students as well!

In the end, MelodySusie had a great time meeting the awesome admission board member from an awesome beauty school. MelodySusie hopes to works with and to help the students who are interested in having a career in the beauty industry by providing the most professional manicure and beauty products to enhance the learning experiences of these future leading fashion professionals!

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Sweets Dancing on Your Fingertips - MelodySusie 2016 Sweet Reverie Gel Collection

Admit it, we all love sweets! Chocolates, cupcakes, ice-creams… every girl would grave for the sugar rush no matter when we are sad, happy, just had a big meal, or starving. It has been proved that sweets not only satisfy our taste buds, but also makes us feel happy and soothing.
We can’t have sweets all the time, but at least we can paint it on our nails and be reminded to smile and be happy. MelodySusie is here to help and support every girl to be happy, beautiful, and confident. This year, we deliberately chosen our new 2016 Gel Collection colors based on the research of 2016 most popular colors done by the Pantone Color Institute, a reputable color research organization. And 6 lovely macaron colors were included in our 2016 New Collection, Sweet Reverie 1-Step Soak-off Gel. By just looking at the lovely colors, it can already brighten up your mood! Furthermore, curing can never be faster, taking only 5 seconds if using the MelodySusie Pro48W UV/LED Nail Lamp. So get ready to have your favorite macaron colors in literally seconds!

MelodySusie has selected a few amazing dessert nail art designs for you to try. Enjoy!

- Cupcakes
Picture from:

Picture from:

- Macaron
Picture from:

- M&M

- Ice-creams
Picture from:

- Donuts
Which one is your favoriate macaron color? Leave us a comment!

MelodySusie, here to make your sweet reverie come true. Come visit us at  to find out more! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

MelodySusie 2016 New Release - Opening a New Era of Professional Manicure for Everyone

Fremont, CA July 8, 2016 - MelodySusie Proudly Announces its launch of Pro48W UV/LED Nail Lamp and Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel Collection. The two products are designed to work seamlessly together to allow everyone to enjoy professional and efficient manicure at home. MelodySusie is looking for Media and Beauty Professionals to test and review the new products.

Trend of at-home manicure
Based on the current market research in the nail industry, the future of this 1.3 billion market belongs to the nail products and technology that are easy to apply and remove as well as long-lasting, making manicure easier and more accessible to operate at home. Seeing the trend, MelodySusie, a professional beauty product design company that is well-known for its full line of nail lamps, proudly announces its new launch of the 2nd nail lamp technology generation, Pro48W UV/LED combo lamp VIOLETIRA, and its complementary Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel Collection. The two are designed for both salon and home users. “During the past few years, we have seen a clear growing trend in home manicure and more people are buying our lamps to do manicure at home,” said MelodySusie Marketing Director. “More than half of the top 10 best-selling nail lamps on Amazon are made by us. Our nail lamps have built a high reputation for professional quality and affordable price throughout the time. We believe our nail lamp and gels will make it possible for everyone enjoy professional manicure at home”

Uniqueness of the new products
Dedicated in continuous technology innovation, MelodySusie R&D team spent 5 years in research and development to upgrade its star product, 48W LED Lamp, to Pro48W UV/LED Combo Lamp VIOLETIRA. The new lamp generation can cure most of the gels, both UV and LED, more efficiently and powerfully while remaining its fashionable and compact design. “VIOLETIRA is our new star. Its wide application, powerful performance, and the compact size will make it the only one of its kinds in the current market,” said by the R&D Director of MelodySusie.

The Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel Collection is specifically made to work closely with the lamp to achieve the best manicure effects. The 1-step soak-off gels are easy to apply and remove, and have been tested extensively for its excellent and long-lasting performance. The gel colors were deliberately selected based on 2016 popular colors researched by the Pantone Color Institute, a leading color research authority that provides forecast of color trends and movement from a global point of view.

-          Strong and quick curing for most kinds of gels (30 seconds with LED and 2 minutes with UV)
-          Automatic sensor allows easy turning on/off
-          Gels are made to work closely with the lamp for the best manicure effects; easy to apply and remove, tested extensively for excellent and long lasting performance
-          Macaron colors that are deliberately chosen for the gels according to the Pantone Color Institute research on 2016 popular colors

The future
MelodySusie has been supporting numerous professional salon owners and nail artists around the globe for many years and appointed as the exclusive nail product brand by many professionals. “Seeing the future trend of having professional manicure at home, MelodySusie is stepping into the business for individual home users and we believe our products will provide everyone with a chance to enjoy professional manicure at home,” said CEO of MelodySusie during a stakeholder meeting in July. To complete a full home-use nail set, MelodySusie is currently designing other complementary nail products such as the automatic nail drill which is expected to release soon.

MelodySusie is currently looking for media and beauty professional partners to review and try the new products. For those who are interested, please contact MelodySusie PR office:

Monday, June 27, 2016

Missed Mermaid Parade? Get the Mermaid nails with MelodySusie

The 34th Mermaid Parade, held in NY’s Coney Island was an unforgettable event. It was the World's largest parade, attracting 3,000 marchers and half a million spectators celebrating in colorful costumes. Over the weekends, you must have seen thousands of awesome pictures of the parade and incredible outfits. If you miss the parade this year, don’t worry, you can DIY mermaid nails with MelodySusie!

MelodySusie is launching the fabulous 1-Step Sweet Reverie Gel Collection that will help you get beautiful nails in minutes.

To get beautiful mermaid nails, follow the 3 simple steps below:
-      Polish and shape you nail with MelodySusie Automatic Nail Drill (to be released soon)
-      Apply the 1-Step MelodySusie Sweet Reverie Gel
-      Cure under MelodySusie UV lamp (2 minutes) or LED Lamp (30 seconds), and it will last more than 14 days!

MelodySusie Sweet Reverie comes with 6 Macaron Gel Colors that are elaborately chosen based on the 2016 popular colors selected by Panton Color InstituteTM. The gel works perfectly with MelodySusie newly released Pro48W UV/LED nail lamp that cures professionally and efficiently both UV and LED gels. It is equipped with automatic sensor and 3 preset time controls that meet exactly your curing needs.
MelodySusie has chosen a few fabulous and simple mix and match mermaid nails for you that you can DIY at home with MelodySusie 1-Step Gel.
From: instagram@xnailsbymiri

 From: pinterest@ Preenme

From: pinterest@ Sulamita Savchuk

From: instagram@ melcisme

Leave us a comment and share with MelodySusie your favorite DIY mermaid nails!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cocktails and nails, 2 things you need to have this summer!

Hey, it is getting hot! What’s the best thing when the heat wave hits? Yes, it is a refreshingly cool cocktail. We all enjoy cocktails, and we love nails. These two are the best things for the summer. MelodySusie has specially picked 5 most popular drinks and their lovely matching nail arts for you. Tell us which one is your favorite cocktail... and nail!

1. Mojito
Mojito is the most famous Cuban drink and it is well known because of Ernest Hemingway’s "My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita" when he was living in Cuba. It is made of five ingredients: white rum, sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice), lime juice, sparkling water, and mint. Mojito nail is refreshing, like a cool freeze in the hot summer.

Picture from:

2.  Planter’s Punch
Planter's Punch is originated from the rum-rich region Jamaica, which is made of dark rum, juice, grenadine syrup, sugar, and Angostura bitters. Nowadays, it has evolved into different versions such as adding pineapple juice and several types of rum and so on. Planter’s punch nail shows the variety and it represents the most of the Caribbean’s culture of passion.

Picture from:
3. Sex on the Beach
The original recipe includes vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice. Because of the various fruit ingredients and the beautiful color, it is one of the popular cocktails for ladies. There are many variations of this drink. One of the special ones is "Sex on Fire" which is Sex on the Beach with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky in place of the vodka. The sex on the beach cocktail nail is the new sexy!

Picture from:
4. Margarita
Margarita is originated from Mexico. It is a cocktail consisting of tequila, triple sec and lime or lemon juice, often served with salt on the rim of the glass. Freshly squeezed lime juice is the key ingredient. Now it comes with many different flavors thus different colors. It is very often seen in parties. The margarita cocktail nail is delightful and refreshing.


Picture from:

5. Bloody Mary
The above are too simple for you? Then let’s try Bloody Mary, the world's most complex cocktail. A Bloody Mary contains vodka, tomato juice, and combinations of other spices and flavorings including Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, piri piri sauce, beef consommé or bouillon, horseradish, celery, olives, salt,black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and celery salt. The Bloody Mary cocktail nail is rich, complicated, and intriguing.

Picture from:

Want to know how it is like to have a cocktail nail on you? Try the upgraded MelodySusie 48W LED/UV combo lamp. It is the new generation of nail lamp, fast and professionally curing both UV and LED gels. You do not have to worry if your gels do not work with the lamp ever.

MelodySusie 48W UV/LED Nail Lamp 

- Provides salon quality and highly efficient nail curing for both UV and LED gels
- Programmed with 3 preset time controls 5s/20s/30s to meet your curing need
- Light-weight and portable, with a compact design to save space

Get your favorite cocktail nails ready for the summer with MelodySusie.
Leave a comment and share with us your favorite cocktails and nails.