Friday, March 16, 2018

MelodySusie At IBS New York 2018!

Hi MelodySusie friends,

So, we’ve just finished up at the International Beauty Show New York (IBS NY), which is the nation’s longest running beauty show (over 100 years!). Read more here “MelodySusie Exhibiting at IBS NY Show 2018”.

We met many new friends, including salon owners, nail artists and professionals, as well as many students busy with final exams! We were also grateful to meet with those already familiar with our nail lamps, drills, and gel polishes, it was lovely to meet you all in person.

We had a great time hearing all your feedback and doing what we do best, listening to your need for new nail products.

melodysusie nail lamps
Day 1 Booth

We sold hundreds of nail drills and nail lamps to ecstatic new customers on just the first day! We were surprised by the different demographics and occupations we saw, MelodySusie products are affordable and easy to use, which is why anyone from professionals to beginners can buy and try! We are so proud of our team for meeting and greeting such a wonderful crowd of beauty hungry show goers! 

melodysusie nail lamp
Staff showing 6W nail lamp to nail technicians.

This cute, little 6W nail lamp limited edition with unique prints were liked by many students, makeup professionals and those who wanted a speedy manicure anywhere, anytime. It’s handheld size fits in your palm and retails at the price of $16.99. The 4 unique prints, white and black marble, zigzag, and graffiti were sold out within the first 3 hours of the show. Check them out here!

melodysusie 6w led lamp
 4 water-transfer prints sold out within the first 3 hours of the show!

Also, our new release Pro48W UV/LED 2in1 Nail Lamp was also sold well to the nail professionals.

What people love about this nail lamp are:
- Efficient and powerful, curing all UV and LED gels in 30-60 seconds
- A removable magnetic base that allows for larger space for bigger hands and pedicure.
- Timer screen on top that shows remaining curing time.
- Affordable price and simple to use.

melodysusie led nail lamps
We were the only brand at the show that has a full-line of UV/LED nail lamps!

For Nail Drills, the shine drill and the portable nail drill were the most popular. Understandably, many customers mentioned that they were nervous to use a nail drill at first, so we reassured them that our nail drills are easy to control and great for beginners (not to mention that it doesn’t break the bank!).

An already existing and valued customer was delighted to tell us that she already has two of our nail drills. She continued by saying that she appreciated what MelodySusie had done for her to help her learn and grow as a technician.

Furthermore, we received a suggestion to create a portable drill belt holder, what do you think? Is this something you would find useful? Let us know in the comments.

Overall, we are extremely happy with our first experience with IBS NY. The feedback and needs that we collected from our customers will help us continue to strive for designing more quality and affordable nail and beauty products for our customers.

melodysusie customers ibs show
 Great to meet you all!

Spring Fling!
We are giving a 10% off on our show nail lamps and nail drills. Enter the corresponding codes below when check out on our official website and enjoy a 10% discount on our show nail lamps and nail drills (only on our website and US only). Expires on March 31, 2018.

Pro12W UV/LED Pink – 10% code: 12WPSHOW
Pro22W UV/LED  - 10% code: 22WWSHOW
Pro60W UV/LED  - 10% code: 60WSHOW

Portable Nail Drill – 10% code: SHEENSHOW
Shine Nail Drill White – 10% code: SHINEWSHOW

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

AW Fashion Week Nail Trends

Feb 8 – Feb 16 – NEW YORK
Feb 16 – Feb 20 – LONDON

A/W 2018 fashion and beauty trends have just been revealed in New York and London Fashion Week in February. For the last few years there has been a rise in nail art trends at all fashion weeks. We want to show you our favorite nails from this years A/W shows.

New York

Libertine – Wow what a look! Inspired by what we can only say looks like tassels and fringes from pillow cases or lampshades, we love this! Highly impractical, but still a great look.

Chromat – We adore this trend, nails painted to look like an accessory or fabric you're wearing is just amazing. 

Bibhu Mohapatra – Maybe this is classed more as body art because it isn't technically on the nail? Can we call it ‘Off Nail Nail Art’? We love it either way!

Gypsy Sport – Monochrome heaven! Timeless, classy and perfect to match any color you're wearing too. How cool is the hounds tooth nail art!

Adam Selman – Longer and almond shaped, this is your evening wear kind of nail, contrasted with a day time look. Definitely in our top 5.


Gareth Pugh – Holy moly, we saw this and just fell in love. We all remember that weird pierced nail trend, but this is just awesome.

Sophie Webster – This is nail art at its finest, focusing on textures, layers and gorgeous jewel embellishment.

Roberta Einer – This is something that's been done before but it only looks good when the color is right! Perfect pink and shape, we adore it.

Jeremy Scott – The extravagant designer couldn't be missed out. Neon pink leopard print painted on clear almond shaped nails, what else would you expect from Mr Scott?

Tom Ford – Subtle but sweet, this glossy reverse French manicure was hard to notice on first glance, maybe that's why it really is so cool.

Now you can try and recreate these trends on your own nails at home, using MelodySusie products.
 MelodySusie timeless muse 1 step gel polish

Try the Tom Ford subtle and glossy reverse French manicure with MelodySusie's Timeless Muse Nude collection

 melodysusie 6w nail lamp

We have a new limited edition 6W LED Nail Lamp to match any monochrome nail design just like Gypsy Sport's nail art! Cure your nails in style. Right now get 6 beautiful nude colors for only $23.99!

 melodysusie nail drill e file rechargeable rpm

If you need to do your own or a client's nails on the go, check out our rechargeable, portable nail drill. With 30,000 RPM, it is ideal for removing gel polish, shaping nails and removing dead skin to create the perfect manicure, anywhere anytime! Charge it for 1.5 hours and it can work up to 8 hours! Comes with 6 standard drill bits and sandings. Affordably priced at $119.99!

Get your nails ready for the Spring with MelodySusie's nail products!

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Friday, February 23, 2018

MelodySusie Exhibiting at IBS NY Show 2018 at Booth #2258

Hi MelodySusie fans,

We are proud to announce that MelodySusie will be exhibiting at the International Beauty Show in New York (IBS NY) during March 4-6, 2018.

IBS is the nation's longest running professional-only beauty show that takes place at the heart of Manhattan and Los Angeles every year. The show draws 65,200 serious and passionate beauty pros that are eager to share and learn newest beauty trends, skills and products, as well as the show exclusive great deals and pricing! 

In the largest exhibit hall in the Northeast, you will get to meet 500 top beauty brand exhibitors, and enjoy magnificent stage show, access to more than 100 professional beauty classes, ranging from hair, makeup, nail art and so on.

MelodySusie is super excited to join the other top beauty brands in IBS NY and will present our newest and best-selling products at booth 2258. 

 melodysusie ibs ny show nail lamp

Products you can expect to see at the New York IBS Show.

 melodysusie nail lamp

The limited-edition LED 6W Nail Lamps come with 4 uniquely designed print, black and white marble, zigzag, and graffiti.  This portable and highly efficient lamp is great for using at home and ideal for travelling. It will be launched at IBS New York and thereafter will be available to buy exclusively on the MelodySusie website

 melodysusie nail drill

This professional drill has maximum RPM speed 25,000rpm. It has an adjustable speed setting as well as forward and backward rotating speed options. Each package also comes with 6 metal grinding drill bits for fast nail shaping, polishing and trimming. Show exclusive price: $39.00.

 MelodySusie gel nail polish

Our gorgeous Kaleidoscope collection nail polish actually changes color with the temperature! You can have 2 different nail colors in a matter of minutes or even an ombré effect, which switches and changes when your hands are hot or cold. Show exclusive price $19.00.

We'd love to invite all MelodySusie fans and friends to join us in IBS New York, and remember to visit us at Booth #2258!

Now let's have a glimpse of IBS New York live!

 melodysusie IBS NY show nail lamp

Also see MelodySusie at Orlando Premiere Beauty Show in 2017.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day with MelodySusie Cruelty Free & 5 Free Gel Nail Polish

In recent years, it’s hard to have missed any news about certain brands reverting back to animal testing or revealing that they do it. Besides the terrible cruelty aspect of animal testing, it also needs to be known that it just isn’t necessary anymore!

What is animal testing?
During the 1940’s, many beauty products began cause terrible allergic reactions due to the chemicals used. To eliminate any further health or legal issues, companies began testing on animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, monkeys, rats and mice. Mice are actually 98% genealogically similar to humans making them accurate test subjects.
On a positive note, animal testing is now banned in many countries, however it is still happening in many others too. At MelodySusie, we understand how important it is to be cruelty free, which is why none of our products will ever be tested on animals.

What is ‘5 free’?
The term ‘5 free’ only relates to nail polishes. There are 5 super nasty chemicals that we keep out of our products. The chemical names are long, but it’s important you don’t purchase anything containing:

·       - Formaldehyde
·       - DBP (Dibutyl phthalate)
·       - Toluene
·       - Formaldehyde Resin
·       - Camphor

These chemicals have been known to be linked to cancer, to be highly flammable, super toxic as well as causing headaches, nausea and even breathing difficulties. You can also read “7 chemicals you do not want in your gel nail polish” for more details about these chemicals and the scary symptoms they may cause. The most important thing is to steer very clear of any nail polishes using these gross chemicals.

What does it mean that we use plant paste, natural resin and pure water?
Many gel polishes contain menthol, toluene and other toxic chemicals. Melody Susie gels are made with all-natural ingredients: water, plant paste, and resin. This is much safer for you as it will not damage your nail beds, skins, or cause the health problems that the toxic chemicals may bring. It is also safe for the environment too. 

 5 free gel nail polish

In this Valentine’s Day, it’s not only a time to show love to your significant half, it is also a time to love yourself. Stop using gel polishes that contain bad chemicals, and choose only the 5 Free gel polish and natural beauty products.

  5 free gel nail polish

What’s more? Don’t forget our 6W LED Nail Lamp Limited Edition, to #nailit this Valentine’s Day! Limited Edition comes with 4 uniquely designed prints including white, black marble, zigzag and graffiti. Limited numbers, only available on

 led nail lamp

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

5 Valentine's Day Makeup and Nail Looks #Nailit this Valentine

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and love is in the air! Whether you are spending the day with your significant other or your friends, one important thing is you gotta look good! Here we’ve chosen 5 Valentine’s Day make up and nail looks. Regardless of your style, there’s a special look for everyone!


Focusing on a pop of red is perfect for any special occasion, it’s a color that represents passion and love. So, find your favorite staple red lipstick and paint your nails to match! 

valentine makeup look melodysusie

valentine day makeup look

 melodysusie valentine day party queen gel

Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is a classic color trend and perfect for this time of year. It’s sweet, cute, subtle and soft, while still remaining very classy when paired with black. We love this color on everyone! For nails it can work well paired with gold or silver, most girls prefer one or the other, so choose what is best for your style.
 melodysusie valentine day makeup look

 melodysusie valentine makeup look
Source: Instagram|@NailartbyFriday

 melodysusie sweet reverie

Sexy Black

How many times have you frantically pulled everything out of your wardrobe shouting “I don’t have anything to wear!” In actual fact, you do have lots to wear… you just really can’t decide! The best tip we can give you is; if all else fails, wear all black! Now, a study has confirmed that wearing black makes you appear more attractive, intelligent, and confident. 

 melodysusie valentine day makeup look

 melodysusie valentine day makeup look

MelodySusie Lux Classics

Neutral & Nude

You can’t go wrong with nude colors, they’re sleek, gorgeous and sexy. Make sure you choose the right nude color to match your own skin tone and pair it up with accessories and make up that’s brown, beige or even a soft orange for a pop of color.

 melodysusie valentine day makeup look

 melodysusie valentine day makeup look

 melodysusie timeless muse gel

Fusion eye shadow and mood changing nails

Let’s admit it girls, women are pretty unpredictable. nails’ We can own our ever changing moods with our make-up and nails a lot easier than you think! Remember mood rings? You can now have ‘mood nails’ with MelodySusie’s Kaleidoscope collection (Coming Soon)

 melodysusie valentine day makeup look

 melodysusie valentine day makeup look
Source: Instagram|@apolishedcolleen

 melodysusie kaleidoscope gel

MelodySusie Kaleidoscope Coming Soon.

Already picked your makeup style and nails? Get ready to shine!

What more could you need? On Valentine’s Day, treat yourself with MelodySusie Limited Edition 6W Marble Nail Lamp. This cute, portable lamp will cure your nails quickly and efficiently, save time getting ready and more time out and about!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

9 Simple New Year's Resolutions for 2018

It’s 2018 and it’s again the time to make a New Year’s resolution. Even though we might not be able to finish every item on the list, however it’s always good to have something plan ahead. Every little progress counts. Today we will give you a few resolutions that are definitely beneficial to you and are easy to achieve!

1.Eat vegetables,  like crazy!


2.Say no to too much sugar


3.Go travel


4. Exercise, with a friend


5. Try something new


6. Paint your nails, and be pretty


7. Love, and be loved


8. Feel good about yourself, always


9. What's more?
Smile, even if you might not feel like it


And smile, when you feel like it


Hope these resolutions are not hard for you. It’s a brand new year, and MelodySusie wish everyone a happy and fulfilling year 2018!

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