Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Giveaway: MelodySusie Premium Home Gel Manicure Set

Bring your beauty salon home is the primary goal of MelodySusie. To meet this goal, MelodySusie are working hard to design and manufacture professional beauty products that are affordable and easy to use at home. This summer, MelodySusie put together a premium home gel manicure set, consist of our best nail products, Pro12W nail lamp, Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel, Portable Nail Drill. This set is aimed to allow everyone to enjoy a salon-quality manicure at home.

We are giving away 50 of our premium home gel manicure set (in the form of 99% amazon discount code). To win, simply comment on the blog and share on Facebook.

There are many reasons for you to win this prize:

- Efficiently cures all kinds of LED gel polishes in 30 seconds
- Portable design for home use
- Price: $29.99

Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel
6 lovely macaroon gel colors carefully chosen from thousands of popular colors researched by Pantone Institute
1-Step gel, no need for base or top coat
- Price: $19.99 

- Adjustable rotating speed with a Max RPM of 20,000, with minimal noise
- Multifunctonal with 6 drill bits, a cuticle clipper, a buffer and a brush
- Lightweight and fashionable design
- Price: $19.99

The Giveaway
Winning is simple. Just leave a 10 or more word comment about any of the above products,Pro12W nail lamp, Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel, Portable Nail Drill, on this post and share it on Facebook. We will randomly select 50 winners for a 99% discount code for the set, and another 50 for a 50% discount code. Everyone that successfully participates will automatically receive a 30% discount.

1. US only
2. Prizes are limited to one per person
3. Prizes cannot be refunded or replaced for non-quality issues
4. Event runs from June 20th 00:00 PDT to June 30th 23:59 PDT
5. Prizes will be shipped before July 6th 2017. When the event has ended we’ll email the winners
6. MelodySusie reserves the right of final explanation. By offering your email you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Can’t wait to get one? Buy one on Amazon Store any time!

Friday, June 16, 2017

MelodySusie 1st Manicure Party!

MelodySusie hosted our 1st ever manicure party at Jonna’s house, one of the staff members here at MelodySusie. Jonna invited 7 of her closest friends over to paint nails, eat cupcakes and drink Aperol spritzers (more on those later!)

The party was a ton of fun and really informative! All the girls, regardless of their experience level, learned something new about manicures. If you are thinking of hosting a party of your own, here’s how it all went down:

Girls arrived around 7pm and we started setting out all of the awesome MelodySusie products that we would be using for the evening. Bonus: Jonna’s crystal ball! 

It didn’t take long for the champagne to get popped! We drank Aperol spritzers, which is easily the most perfect summer drink. You can find a recipe listed below.

Two of the guests, Kelly and Liv, own a small cupcake business and they showed up with salted caramel and chocolate cupcakes. Yum! 

Jonna gave everyone a brief rundown of the products and how to use them. Most of the girls had had gel polish on their nails before, but they always had it done in a salon. Everyone was pretty excited to try it out on their own.

Then we were down to business! Girls started prepping their nails and testing out the colors on some nail swatches before applying them to their own nails. 

Although base coat and top coat are not required for the 1-step gel, you still can apply for a better and longer lasting shine.

Once the nails were prepped, the hardest part was honestly trying to decide which color to use! This time, we brought 7 collections, a total of 48 colors. Here we provide you with some advice on choosing your color:

-     For a summer and spring color, you can choose Sweet Reverie and Monet's Palette.
-     For a darker color, you can try Lux Classics and Party Queen.
-     For a color that will look fashionable all year long, you can choose our nude colors, Timeless Muse and   Infinite Nude.
-     If you still cannot decide, try our color-changing collection, Kaleidoscope. It changes color with temperate, you can see the actual effect on our Instagram video.
Poppy, Monet’s Palette Collection

After decide on the color, we got to painting. 
 Jen had some intense focus going on.  

Some of us needed a little help…  

Sami examining her work of art. 

Lastly, it wouldn’t be mani party without some spirit fingers!

By the end of the night, everyone had a great a mani and a little buzz. If you want to hold your own party like this, here are the basics for what you’ll need:

- 1 (or more) LED/UV nail dryers (1 lamp for every 3-4 people)
- A few Nail Gel Polish sets
- Gel Polish Top/Base Coat
- Acetone & cotton swabs
- Nail file
- Orange sticks
- Lots of cupcakes & Drinks

Thinking about buying the above? Now we have a good news for you. We will be hosting a Summer Giveaway next week and will give away nail lamp, gel polishes, and nail drill, everything you need for a beautiful manicure. So stay tuned with MelodySusie.

Have an idea to share or have a question about hosting your own mani party, leave us a comment or email us

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

After all these years, do you really know how to do your nails?

Most of us do our nails, some of us might have been doing them for years, but do you really know the right way to brush on those beautiful colors? Today MelodySusie will show you step-by-step, how to do a great manicure.

Step 1. Polishing the nail surface.

Use the rough side of the nail file and start on one side of the nail. Then to the front. Then to the other side.

Then repeat the same process using the smooth side of the file. This will smooth out the nail surface further for good nail polish application.

Step 2. Clean up the surface. 

Brush off the residue from filing. Brush off the residue from filing. Wipe the nail using 75% alcohol to deep clean the sides.

Wipe the nail using 75% alcohol to deep clean the sides.

Step 3. Brush on base coat.

Start on one edge of the nail, and brush the base coat on the upper side. Base coat is for better application of the color gel.

Then fill in the center. If it gets on the skin, use cotton swab to wipe off. Cure under nail lamp until it is completely dried.

Step 4. Brush on color gel polish. 

Also start on one edge of the nail, and brush on the upper side. Fill in the center by brushing from the back to the front, evenly. Brush evenly on the middle part of the nail. Fill in the center by brushing from the back to the front, evenly. Brush evenly on the middle part of the nail.

Then brush from the back to front on the 2 sides of the nail. If it gets on the skin,  use cotton swab to wipe off.

Cure under nail lamps until it’s completely dried. Then repeat Step 4 and apply a second color layer for a better shine.

Step 5. Apply top coat. 

Brush on a layer of top coat using the same method described above. Top coat will help the color to shine better and also protect the gel for a long lasting stay. Cure under nail lamp until it is completely dried.

Wipe off the residue with alcohol.

A few good tips:
-          Soak your fingers in warm soapy water for better cleaning of your nails
-          Apply lotion after your clean your hands
-          Use 1-Step gel to skip the top coat and base coat step
-          Use automatic nail drill to do a professional nail polishing

Hope the steps above help you to improve your manicure skills a bit, although practice makes perfect as always.
Good luck, gals! 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

MelodySusie Behind The Scenes Photoshoot – 2017 Spring/Summer New Gel Collection!

Last year, MelodySusie was honored to have 3 amazing models, Viki, Nastya, and Christina, shoot for our Party Queen Collection (Click here to see pics of the awesome photo shoot). This year, we have 3 more gorgeous models, Chris, Alina, and Kristin coming to shoot for our 2017 Spring/Summer 1-Step Gel Collections, including:

-      Timeless Muse – Carefully chosen from thousands of popular shades, six gorgeous nude colors are chosen: Pink Rouge, Light Peach, Warm Taupe, Bordeaux, Beige, and Caramel Brown.

-      Monet's Palette – Inspired by theimpressionist works of Claude Monet, the collection contains 6 colors found in nature: Poppy, Pinecone, Iris, Nymph, Greenery, and Matin.

-      Infinite Nude – For any skin tone, there is a nude color for it. To discover the infinite possibilities for every woman, we chose for the collection: Lavender, Peachblow, Pearl, Mocha, Marsala, and Slate.

-      Kaleidoscope – Change is the essence of fashion. These are our most unique colors yet, as they changes color with your body temperature and the environment.  

And don't forget our best seller:
-      Sweet Reverie

Ok, let's get back to the photoshoot.

This is Chris, getting ready for the Sweet Reverie gel shoot.

Getting the nails ready!

This is Chris, modeling for Sweet Reverie. She is professional and super active!

This is Alina, feeling like summer is already here on the beach set. 

Here is Katrina, with greenery nails from MelodySusie Monet's Palette Collection. She looks like a painting with that perfect makeup. 

You can also view a full version of what's behind the scenes here:

If you liked the photoshoot and can’t wait to try our colors, visit our Amazon store. We are here for you!

For any questions about our newly released gel collections, leave us a comment or email us:

Friday, May 5, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide: More Than Just Saying I Love You

When was the last time your mom did her nails? Has she stopped caring about her nails and self-care just to have more time to take care of the family?

For great tips about home manicures, you can check out our previous blog post.

After seeing the difference before and after doing her nails, we are sure your mom will be smiling about it for weeks.

By doing her nails, you are not only giving her a pretty manicure, but are also enhancing the connection between you and your mother. Research has shown that physical touch has been proven to non-verbally communicate positive emotions like joy, love, gratitude, and sympathy. And for long-term wellbeing, it has been proven that touch is as important as food and security.

MelodySusie is offering a Mother’s Day Only Price on our Sweet Reverie Gel. Only $13.99 for our 6 Summer Macaron colors.

Enter code SOGEL6MS and save $16 now (limited time only)! Find out more about Sweet Reverie Gel.

Other than a fun and pretty manicure, you can also express your appreciation to your mom by making her life easier. Here are a few gift suggestions.

Large Capacity Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Cleaning and organizing is the last thing your mom should be doing on Mother's Day. Help her tidy up her cosmetics and giving her the dream battle station.

Enter code MSPC25AB and save $12.5 now (limited time only)! 

Play around with some fun new wigs and relive the old days of dress-up! Your mom will love her new luscious locks.

Enter code 6Y2CEGAX and save $14 now (limited time only)! There are more hair styles available to choose.

MelodySusie cares about you and the one you love. For the gifts you choose, we will deliver your gift right to your mom's doorstep, free of charge, almost anywhere across the globe. We hope our products and service make life a little bit easier and more beautiful for your mom.

In the end, we wish all the moms a “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Thursday, April 13, 2017

6 Best Pastel Colors for Easter Holidays

The Easter Holiday is here, meaning that Spring is officially here! Thinking about a good Easter Holiday color? How about trying MelodySusie Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel, containing 6 amazing macaron colors. It is on sale for only $18.95, a limited offer only for the Easter Holiday!

We have also prepared a fun egg-cracking game for you to find out which color is your Easter color!

The 6 colors are carefully chosen from thousands based on the research of Pantone Institute and the colors are perfect for the spring time. Each color also represents a unique personality. Here are the colors and their corresponding personalities! Find yours among the lovely colors.

Violet Dream – Compassion, Free Spirit, Individualism

Golden Wheat – Positivity, Brightness, Spontaneity

Honey Peach – Loving, Kindness, Generosity

Spring Green: Hope, Nature, Intelligence

Rose Hermosa – Joy, Sweetness, Freshness

Sky Blue – Creativity, Peach, Sincerity 

Wondering what nail designs can you do with these lovely and sweet colors? MelodySusie will show you a nail DIY tutorial that is easy to do at home! In the tutorial, we will show you how to draw a bunny, and a combination of flowery shapes on nails. We use the Sweet Reverie 1-Step gels, which does not require top or base coat, and can be efficiently cured in 30 seconds using our MelodySusie LED nail lamps.

To find out more pretty Easter Nail designs, you can also read:

What are you waiting for? Join our Crack An Egg and Get A Surprise game and find out your Easter Color, and get a special discount for our Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel.