Friday, May 5, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide: More Than Just Saying I Love You

When was the last time your mom did her nails? Has she stopped caring about her nails and self-care just to have more time to take care of the family?

For great tips about home manicures, you can check out our previous blog post.

After seeing the difference before and after doing her nails, we are sure your mom will be smiling about it for weeks.

By doing her nails, you are not only giving her a pretty manicure, but are also enhancing the connection between you and your mother. Research has shown that physical touch has been proven to non-verbally communicate positive emotions like joy, love, gratitude, and sympathy. And for long-term wellbeing, it has been proven that touch is as important as food and security.

MelodySusie is offering a Mother’s Day Only Price on our Sweet Reverie Gel. Only $13.99 for our 6 Summer Macaron colors.

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Other than a fun and pretty manicure, you can also express your appreciation to your mom by making her life easier. Here are a few gift suggestions.

Large Capacity Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Cleaning and organizing is the last thing your mom should be doing on Mother's Day. Help her tidy up her cosmetics and giving her the dream battle station.

Enter code MSPC25AB and save $12.5 now (limited time only)! 

Play around with some fun new wigs and relive the old days of dress-up! Your mom will love her new luscious locks.

Enter code 6Y2CEGAX and save $14 now (limited time only)! There are more hair styles available to choose.

MelodySusie cares about you and the one you love. For the gifts you choose, we will deliver your gift right to your mom's doorstep, free of charge, almost anywhere across the globe. We hope our products and service make life a little bit easier and more beautiful for your mom.

In the end, we wish all the moms a “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Thursday, April 13, 2017

6 Best Pastel Colors for Easter Holidays

The Easter Holiday is here, meaning that Spring is officially here! Thinking about a good Easter Holiday color? How about trying MelodySusie Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel, containing 6 amazing macaron colors. It is on sale for only $18.95, a limited offer only for the Easter Holiday!

We have also prepared a fun egg-cracking game for you to find out which color is your Easter color!

The 6 colors are carefully chosen from thousands based on the research of Pantone Institute and the colors are perfect for the spring time. Each color also represents a unique personality. Here are the colors and their corresponding personalities! Find yours among the lovely colors.

Violet Dream – Compassion, Free Spirit, Individualism

Golden Wheat – Positivity, Brightness, Spontaneity

Honey Peach – Loving, Kindness, Generosity

Spring Green: Hope, Nature, Intelligence

Rose Hermosa – Joy, Sweetness, Freshness

Sky Blue – Creativity, Peach, Sincerity 

Wondering what nail designs can you do with these lovely and sweet colors? MelodySusie will show you a nail DIY tutorial that is easy to do at home! In the tutorial, we will show you how to draw a bunny, and a combination of flowery shapes on nails. We use the Sweet Reverie 1-Step gels, which does not require top or base coat, and can be efficiently cured in 30 seconds using our MelodySusie LED nail lamps.

To find out more pretty Easter Nail designs, you can also read:

What are you waiting for? Join our Crack An Egg and Get A Surprise game and find out your Easter Color, and get a special discount for our Sweet Reverie 1-Step Gel.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lucky Nail Designs for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17, and many think of it as the luckiest day of the year. Once a traditional Irish holiday, it’s now widely celebrated by people around the world. But before you go out for green Guinness and Riverdancing, check out some tutorials and inspiration for St. Paddy's-themed nail art.  

Make sure you stick around until the end of this post for an opportunity to put all of that Irish luck to good use towards winning some awesome prizes!

Luck of the Irish
When it comes to the legendary four-leaf clover, you have two choices.
1: Dirty your nails by spending hours digging around for the elusive sprout.

2: Paint one on your pristine nails, look amazing while sipping an appletini in an Irish pub.

The choice seems clear to us :D

Source: Instagram @majikbeenz

Irish Pride
For those of you with deeper ethnic or national ties to St. Patrick’s Day, try this Irish-flag design. It's certainly a lot easier than trying to paint the fifty stars and thirteen stripes of an American flag on your nails!


Subtly St. Paddy's
You can still go green-themed without your design being overtly tied to St. Patrick’s Day. Check out this simple yet elegant polka-dot look in three shades of green.

Tutorial— “Pot of Gold” by MelodySusie
We made a simple yet beautiful design tutorial especially for all of our readers. We call it “pot of gold”. It's solid green on four fingers with a single gold nail featuring an eye-catching clover.

Tutorial—St. Patrick's Day Nail Art by MissJJan
Here’s a great set of tutorials that features FIVE different St. Patrick's Day designs.

For perfect St. Patrick's Day nail art, you'll need a couple of things:
-          Green nail gel polish (preferably a few different shades)
-          A professional-quality nail drying lamp

Just your luck, MelodySusie has prepared them both for you, and we're offering the chance to win them for free.

First, we've got the color Greenery from our newest gel polish set, Monet's Palette (Deal Price $23.99). Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017, it's one you're going to want in your collection all year long.

Next we've got Amazon's Choice and Bestselling nail lamps. Try our 24W LED nail lamp, portable yet powerful, it cures most major gel polish brands for long-lasting nail color. Now only $39.99 for limited time!

Now it's time to put that luck to good use! At MelodySusie, we are dedicated to designing the best possible nail lamps for both nail art pros as well as home users. Our products have earned a reputation for high quality, affordability, and ease-of-use. After years of hard work and continuous improvement based on our users’ feedback, we are honored to have reached a new sales milestone of 10,000,000 nail lamps!

To celebrate and to give our thanks to all of our customers, we are hosting a 20-day nail lamp and gel giveaway. We will be giving out our bestselling nail lamps, gels, big discounts and cash prizes!

Simply sign in or register at to spin the prize wheel and see just how lucky you are. Every spin is a win! Valid between Mar 15 – Apr 3, 2017.

Thank you for reading, and a very happy St. Patrick's day to you all. Leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you! 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bad makeup application? It’s probably your lights!

Has your makeup ever looked perfect in your bathroom mirror, then completely different somewhere else? You might think it was your skill or tools that weren’t good enough. But even after watching hundreds of makeup tutorials and buying more and more expensive makeups and tools, your makeup still hasn’t gotten any better.

Maybe what you really need is ….
So what is the right lighting? Let’s first talk a little about the science of photology.

Take home messages:
- Kelvin (K) is a unit of measure for absolute temperature
- Color temperatures over 5000K are cool colors (bluish white)
- Lower color temperatures, 2700–3000K, are called warm colors (yellowish white through red)

A given object appears very different under different lighting colors.

Source from:

Your makeup is one such object! That includes eye shadow, foundation, blush, and lip stick color—all of them will appear very different under different light temperatures. That’s why your makeup can look one way in your bathroom but appear completely different when you go somewhere else.

So, what can you do?

MelodySusie’s new  Narcissus 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp is a makeup mirror framed by an LED ring so you have a “shadowless” light source from every angle. Through extensive testing, we carefully chosen a light color temperature of 6500K, comparable to midday sunlight and often considered the best lighting environment for applying makeup accurately. Conventional incandescent and halogen lights in your bathroom are far “warmer” and thus distort how we see colors.

Our mirror lamp ensures that you have the most natural daylight-like light source for makeup application. We also designed the light with an internal reflection process before output, which keeps it safe and comfortable for your eyes, even first thing in the morning.

The Narcissus can be easily converted into a table lamp with two modes: reading and night-light, operated with subtle touch-control buttons.

The head can be swiveled a full 180 degrees to whatever position you need.

As a bonus, the round base acts as an organizing tray for cosmetics and accessories.

You can power the Narcissus with the included USB able or 4xAAA batteries (sold separately).

The MelodySusie Narcissus was named an Editor's Pick by Mothermag and has received great reviews by Amazon users. For more information, please read MelodySusie Unveils High-Tech “Natural Light” Makeup Mirror.

You can now enter the code WC225TWP on Amazon to get 25% off (valid until March 31, 2017). Gaze into the Narcissus and fall in love with yourself all over again.

Have a question or have thought about our makeup mirror to share? Leave us a comment below or visit us

Friday, February 17, 2017

MelodySusie’s World Cancer Day 2017 Campaign

World Cancer Day is a global cancer-prevention initiative organized by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). It takes place every year on February 4th, and its aim is simple: to raise awareness and encourage action in the fight against cancer. In 2017, Melodysusie decided to take part in World Cancer Day with a campaign of our own.

Visit their site at

The tagline of World Cancer Day for 2016-18 is “We can. I can.” The message is that all of us, from individuals to world governments, have a part to play in eliminating cancer.
WCD offers a variety of thematic ways to support the cause, including Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Inspire Action, Take Action, Challenge Perceptions, etc.

Millions of families around the world are suffering from the physical, emotional and economic burden from this devastating disease. And they need help.

For more information, visit World Cancer Day and The American Cancer Society.

To participate in WCD 2017, MelodySusie decided to focus on raising awareness by encouraging our followers on Facebook to join World Cancer Day’s Thunderclap campaign. Thunderclap is a service that allows brands or organizations to post a one-time message on the Facebook page of anyone who signs up. They call it “crowdspeaking”, and it’s a great way to get your message out across social media. 

We offered 50 of our bestselling LyfeLike wigs to our Facebook fans willing to join the WCD campaign. This prize was chosen as an additional incentive for people to participate, but it also due to its symbolic significance—a number of our customers are women who have survived breast cancer and chemotherapy and have found their wig to be a crucial part of regaining their self-confidence.

During the 1-week campaign, we were able to reach 5,750 people through Facebook. We cannot thank our Facebook fans enough for their participation.

 Due to the great outpouring of support, World Cancer Day was able to smash their goal of 250 supporters with a total of 1,076 Facebook users, for a total social media reach of over 7.8 million people! 

In the end, we were honored to have been part of World Cancer Day 2017. We randomly chose the winners of our wigs and have notified the winners. The prizes will be distributed shortly!
Again MelodySusie would like to thank all of you who supported this campaign and helped to raise cancer awareness. 

The team from our Shenzhen office.

For more information about MelodySusie LyfeLike wigs, read here:

For questions about our WCD campaign, please leave us a comment or email us at

All World Cancer Day logos and images courtesy of