Monday, October 24, 2016

How much MONEY you can save with MelodySusie Home Manicure Kit?

Today we will be doing a cost analysis to compare cost between salon gel manicure and manicure using MelodySusie home manicure kit. And we will show you how much you can save with MelodySusie home manicure kit. First, let’s calculate the monetary saving:

Scenario 1 Salon Manicure: You are a regular salon visitor, doing gel manicure every 3 weeks, a total of 17 times per year, assuming each time you spent $15, the total cost per year is $255.

Scenario 2 MelodySusie Home Manicure: You buy MelodySusie manicure kit (including 1*24W LED Lamp, 1* anti-UV gloves, and 1*One-step gel with 6 colors). To make it comparable to Scenario 1, 3 packs of 18 colors will be included for one year use. Total total cost per year is about $128.

Conclusion 1. With MelodySusie home manicure kit, the total saving per year is $127.

Now let’s also consider the time you can save with MelodySusie Home Manicure Kit. We will also monetize the time you saved by using the median average wage for women in 2015.

Scenario 1 Salon Manicure:  each time you will spend 60 minutes (travel + service time), then you will spend 1020 minutes doing gel manicure which worth $307 in money value.

Scenario 2 MelodySusie Home Manicure: You only need 15 minutes to get gel manicure with 0 travel time. The total minutes you spent is 255 minutes or $77 in money value.

Conclusion 2. You save $231 or 12.75 hours per year if you do gel manicure at home.

Take home message: 
MelodySusie can save you $358 per year and you can spend this money in somewhere that is more valuable!

Get your MelodySusie Home Manicure Kit, and start saving today!

 Manicure kit includes anti-UV gloves, no-chipping, long-lasting, 1-step soak-off gels and a fashionable and portable 24W LED nail lamp that cures most gel brands

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2016 Halloween Costume ideas Part 2. Spin The Wheel And Win A Hair Wig From MelodySusie!

Halloween is quickly approaching! Are you all ready with your Halloween costumes? MelodySusie is giving out 1000 stylish hair wig prizes!! MelodySusie hair wigs come with more than 20 colors and styles. It is made of high quality matt-wire imported from Korea. It is easy to put on and take off!!

Now visit Spin the fortune wheel and get a chance to win a free wig or discount!

Let’s continue our PART 1 and find out more characters that you can become with an awesome hair wig! Now let’s see what you can become with a BOB hair style.

Mia Wallace From Pulp Fiction
Halloween spirit: intelligent, sexy, opinionated

Source: Miramax

Mathilda from Léon: The Professional
Halloween spirit: pre-mature, brave, passionate, love-driven
Source: Flipboard

Edna from the Incredibles
Halloween Personality: Half-Japanese, talented, demanding, bossy

The Morton Salt Girl
Halloween Spirit: Unknown. Seems Happy? And ..Salty?
Source: Flickr user vmiramontes

Get ready for Halloween and you need a hair wig for a unique Costume and to represent a unique Halloween spirit. Come visit us and win a hair wig for your 2016 Halloween!

Monday, October 3, 2016

NYFW 2016 SEP – The Newest Nail Design Trend

NYFW 2016 is the most important fashion event in the year. It not only attracts the most renowned designers and fashion experts to bring you the breath-taking moments on fashions, it is also one of the most important indicator of the future fashion trend. Beauty is in the details. NYFW demonstrates the trend for nail arts. MelodySusie will show you the most eye-catching nail designs from NYFW and share with you how to get NYFW-inspired nail designs at home!

The most important signs of the nail trend is to combine colors! 
Using sweet macaron colors or classic colors

Using two colors on each nail

One dominant color and decorate with another, using patterns and shapes to personalize the design.

 These NYFW nail designs are actually easy to get at home. Get MelodySusie 1-Step Gel Collections, Sweet Macaron or Lux Classics, each contains 6 charming colors, a total of 12 colors available for you to combine colors on nails. Also get its complementary nail lamp 24W LED that can cure the gel polishes in as fast as 5 seconds.

MelodySusie 24W LED Nail Lamp
-          Cures most of LED gels efficiently and professionally
-          Portable and compact, ideal for home use

Get MelodySusie Gel and Lamp and bring NYFW nail design home!
 Have more thoughts on NYFW nail desgin? Leave us a comment!

Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 Halloween Costume Ideas Part 1: what is your Halloween spirit?

It is a little more than a month away from Halloween and it is time to start thinking about your costume ideas.  To have a great Halloween costume, a hair wig is a must-have! Here MelodySusie will share with you a series of costume ideas that you can dress up like, with a hair wig. These characters have their own personality and spirit they represent. The choice of your hair wig and character you want to be says a lot about your personlity. Let's check out the characters you can be and the Halloween spirit that you can represent. 

Wine Red Hair Wig :
Jean Grey/Pheonix in X-men
-          Halloween personality: Powerful, mysterious, sexy, contradictory
Source from:

Princess Fiona in Shrek
-          Halloween personality:  funny, power, exotic
 Source from: badasscosplay via instagram

Little Mermaid (Disney)
-          Halloween personality: cute, loving, dreamer

 Source from:

Blue Hair Wig
Joy from Inside Out
-          Halloween personality: upbeat and perky
 Source from:

Katy Perry, Yes Katy Perry Blue Hair Wig, you cannot miss the blue hair if you want to dress like her
-          Halloween personality: pop star, Californian, romantic and brave
Source from:

Last but not the least, Marge Simpson from Simpsons
-          Halloween personality: extremely patient, a good wife and caring mother, can get cranky sometimes.
 Source from:

Found your favorite Halloween character and personality you want to show at the party? And what you need is a hair wig! Here are MelodySusie Wine Red  and Katy Perry Blue hair wigs. It is made of high quality Matt-fiber imported from Korea, shiny and fashionably designed. It is easy to put on and take off and carefully designed for comfortable wearing (important for your Halloween party that may last the whole night). Check out more styles and colors at

We will share with you more characters and their Halloween personality. Stay tuned!
Have an amazing Halloween costume idea to share? Leave us a comment!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quiz: How Familiar Are You With These Characters?

Halloween is approaching, are you all thinking about the costume for the holiday party?  Playing your favorite or a famous character is usually a lot of fun. But how good are you in dressing up like them? How familiar are you with the character’s appearance……details like hair color? Come take the quiz and test if you really know these characters!  By taking the quiz, you also get a chance to win MelodySusie’s latest and hottest hair wigs for your Halloween!

What hair color is correct for the character?
1.       Alice through the looking glass

2.    Game of Thrones

3.       The walking dead

4.       Reign

5.       Avengers

6.       The girl with the dragon tattoo

7.       Vampire diaries

8.       Vampire diaries

9.       The walking dead

 10.   The walking dead

Ready to submit your answers? Click and test your luck to win MelodySusie latest and hottest hair wigs! More than 20 hair styles and colors available for you to get ready for Halloween! For more information, check out

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